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Tragic Interstate 25 Crash Leads to Multiple Lawsuits and Calls for Accountability

November 28, 2023

In a harrowing incident on June 13, 2022, a catastrophic collision on Interstate 25 claimed the lives of five family members, igniting a series of legal battles and uncovering alarming details about the trucking industry. Halie Everts, her fiancé Aaron Godinez, their 3-month-old daughter Tessleigh Godinez, and Aaron’s parents Emiliano and Christina Godines tragically perished when their vehicle was struck by a truck operated by Jesus Puebla, who was driving without a commercial license and at an excessive speed. The Colorado State Patrol noted several brake-related violations on Puebla’s truck.

The trucking company involved, Lucky 22, shockingly attempted to procure insurance for the truck post-accident, revealing it was uninsured at the time of the crash. Further investigations unveiled that Lucky 22, along with another company, Caminantes Trucking, engaged in numerous safety and insurance violations. Caminantes Trucking, which had contracted with the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) for mail transportation, was also embroiled in the controversy due to their lax safety protocols and the continued USPS partnership even after the incident.

Legal actions have been initiated against the drivers and the companies involved. The Godines family, represented by attorney Grant Lawson, filed a federal complaint accusing Jesus Puebla and the trucking companies of negligence and reckless supervision. Similarly, Steven and Desiree Everts, representing Halie Everts and Tessleigh Godines, lodged a lawsuit on comparable grounds. These lawsuits spotlight the dire consequences of regulatory oversight failures within the trucking industry.

As these cases unfold, with Puebla’s criminal trial set for November, the incident has raised critical questions about the enforcement of safety standards and the responsibility of companies like USPS in vetting their contractors. This tragedy underscores the need for stringent industry regulations and diligent adherence to safety norms to prevent such devastating incidents.

For the victims and their families affected by this tragedy, the team at Jordan Law extends our deepest sympathies and offers our expertise in navigating the legal complexities surrounding this case. We encourage those impacted to contact us for dedicated and compassionate legal support in seeking justice and rightful compensation.