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Lafollette Henderson Killed In Deadly Train Derailment In Pueblo, CO

PUEBLO COUNTY – Our community is no stranger to adversity, but the tragic events that unfolded on a fateful Sunday afternoon have left us in collective shock and sorrow. Lafollette Henderson, a 60-year-old loving father, grandfather, and truck driver from Compton, California, was the unfortunate victim of a train derailment incident that transpired on the I-25, north of Pueblo.

As investigations continue, preliminary findings from the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) reveal a broken rail east of the bridge over I-25 as the culprit. This malfunction precipitated the derailment of a BNSF Railway coal train, causing a partial collapse of the bridge and the untimely demise of Henderson. The tragedy has left a void in the hearts of his six children, over a dozen grandchildren, and the larger community.

In the aftermath of the accident, crews worked tirelessly to clear the debris, a process that has seen the interstate reopened to the public. Governor Polis, in collaboration with CDOT and federal officials, ensured a prompt response to mitigate the travel impacts and initiate a thorough investigation into the incident.

Lafollette, affectionately known as “Ace” by loved ones, had recently triumphed over cancer and was a beacon of strength, love, and support to his family. His untimely passing has resurfaced old wounds for a family that had previously lost a patriarch to a major highway crash. The heartrending echoes of the past exacerbate the anguish and despair of the present.

While the Pueblo County community and the state at large grapple with the ramifications of this catastrophe, questions surrounding the maintenance and inspection of the bridge linger. The ongoing NTSB investigation, expected to span 1-2 years, aims to unearth the underlying causes and oversights that culminated in this tragedy.

As we await answers, the Jordan Law Firm extends its deepest condolences to the Henderson family and all those affected by this devastating event. We are committed to seeking justice for Lafollette and ensuring that similar incidents are mitigated in the future. The pain of loss is immeasurable, but together, as a community, we can navigate through these trying times with solidarity, compassion, and resilience.

In times of tragedy, legal representation and advocacy become crucial in seeking justice and closure. We, at Jordan Law, encourage the Henderson family and other victims of similar unfortunate incidents to reach out to us. Our experienced team is ready to provide the necessary legal support, guidance, and representation to navigate the complexities of such cases and ensure that justice is served.

Our doors are always open, and our hearts attuned to the profound grief that engulfs all who knew and loved Lafollette “Ace” Henderson. We stand ready to honor his memory by advocating for justice, safety reforms, and the well-being of his cherished family. In unity, we will emerge from this tragedy with renewed strength, vigilance, and an unwavering commitment to the safety and security of all members of our esteemed community.

Lafollette Henderson’s family has also set up a GoFundMe to assist with their funeral expenses, which you can contribute to here.